Open Eyes Loose Tee


Different Spaces Collection takes us into inner world adventure from where we see world in different shades and enables us to get to know ourselves better. In seperate from surrounding us world, which seems to be turning  into totalitarian reality, we seek to find our own answers, freeing our minds, relying on our eyes and feelings.
In cooperation with Rafał Lewandowski.
Rafał Lewandowski is an artist who treats fashion as a field of art, which is equally vocal as poetry or music. Every collection is sprinkled with many friend’s artists works from various disciplines. In order to present full emotions’ scope and complete view on every work. Most of projects is made in a Upcycled Fashion way and every creating stage takes into consideration ecology and self-sufficiency.



Now i can see. Before i was blind

Loose black T-shirt. Stitched front and back. On shoulder you can see a printed patch.
Material composition: Cotton 100%  | 180 gram/m2.
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